November 6, 2008

They've Got a Crush on Obama

I've tried to express in my own way the meaning of Barack Obama winning the presidency, though I could easily spill several thousand words and still not get a definite hold of this strange moment we find ourselves in. I could try to describe what it means for this ultimate racial obstacle in America to be overcome, though others can and already have done it. I could discuss the prospect of a more liberal, more racially and religiously diverse America coming to prominence, or the end of conservative culture war politics, or any number of things. But for some reason, I think the meaning of Obama's victory is best embodied now in how even people an ocean away are reacting:

Gordon Brown and David Cameron have clashed in the Commons over the reasons for Barack Obama's US election victory.

The Conservative leader said the change offered by Mr Obama contrasted with Labour's offer of "more of the same".

The prime minister said Mr Obama had triumphed because he was a "serious man for serious times" and embodied "progressive" values shared by Labour.

Earlier both men and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg had united in praise of the Democrat Mr Obama's victory.

The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson said both Labour and the Conservatives wanted to associate themselves with the factors behind Mr Obama's success and absorb some of the political magic he displayed on the campaign trail.

(h/t hb123).

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